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Strategy Prevails

Ever seen an army head for the battle field without thorough planning and preparation? Your answer will properly be in the negative. This is because, such military campaign will be merely a suicide mission waiting to happen. Sad as it may seem, this is the same situation with brands that merely freestyle with no clear strategy to guide towards business profitability. When you bother about brand strategy, you begin to engage planning and eloquent articulation of your core values and message. Thereby, committing to achieving long term goals which ultimately aligns with your brand strategy. Strategy goes a long way in helping you have a firm grip or control over your brand. This is because with clarity which comes through strategic planning , you are knowledgeable and confident about the length and breadth of your business and brand as well as other necessities needed for the market you are about to go into.

Having a solid strategy gives your razor sharp focus, you know what you want and dive right into it without wasting time and resources. Strategy helps in determining the core essence of your brand, and how it ties up with the brand identity of your consumers, also adequately proving how it can resonate with your target audience to bring you patronage and profit. Short sightedness = brand killers

Enjoying the excitement that comes with business profit within a short time can blur your vision from seeing the ultimate and overly important impact brand development has on your business equity. Several brands have designed relevant brand communication strategies that aligns with trends and consumer needs to stretch the dimensions of their business and drive future profitability, particularly in underserved markets.

Global Strategy
Global brands have been able to utilise a 'glocal strategy' where universally appealing messages have been combined with an understanding of local culture and taste. To create locally relevant but globally adaptable brand communication.One of such brands is Apple. When it comes to Apple products, a 'one size fits all strategy' is employed as Apple Inc. have succeeded in making sure the iPhone designs look identical regardless of the region. However, utilizing the 'glocal strategy', Apple's customer Service protocol is tailored to suit various local taste with content on the Apple site translated and localised to suit different consumers. Understanding the consumers tastes and changing needs has influenced Apple's strategy and invariably enables brand control.

Very many times also, Coca-Cola as a global brand has had to adapt and adopt the glocal strategies to suit consumers from various countries. In 2000, Coca-Cola introduced it's 'think local, act local' strategy with an aim to increase local sensitivity. This has given the brand great acceptance among natives of the world. Brands that will grow, enjoy heavy following and sustained patronage must be able to define for itself what strategy is relevant for their business per time.


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