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Branding Beyond the Noise: Storytelling

Speaking in a noisy environment can prove difficult, due to the limited range of the human voice unaided. The possibility of such communication effort yielding result by reaching the specific target is almost non existent. However, some people devise approaches to speak and get the attention they require irrespective of the noise around them. The question that arises from the later scenario, will be, why will anybody pay attention beyond the noise?

This scenario is the same in branding. Some brands wobble and never get the attention they need from the target audience while other brands attract and hold the attention of the same set of consumers overtime. The question again is Why?

Commanding attention and earning brand “talkability” is always about understanding that a brand gets the attention of its target audience by employing the tool of story telling, taking cognisance of the communication environment, context and medium. Such brands understand that the brand made up of label and fable and therefore create powerfully stories that resonates and connects with the consumers, which causes them to spread like wild fire.

Great brands have the ability to see and tap into this ability. Branding is about consciously, cohesively and consistently sharing compelling and totally honest stories about your business, idea, place, or personality with a clear demonstration of why it matters to the listener.

Apple in 1984
Apple released an advertisement in 1984 during the Superbowl, turning it into a piece of history. Despite critics' predictions that it would flop, this is actually where Apple’s branding success began. Apple was able to surpass the noise literarily and get the crowd to stop and listen because beyond trying to sell products they were selling stories. This is why Paul Nelson, Managing Director of BrandMatters said, "Strong brands have clients who are simply disinterested in alternatives - and that's where Apple's strength lies. The fact that you just become a loyalist.” To woo the competitors fall out customers a brand must be ready to tell compelling stories. Branding beyond the noise entails translating the consumers everyday life into written and visual communication, to turn observations that others ignore into a solutions that consumers crave. This is what gets and keeps the audience interested. Your brand story is the only voice enhancement you need.


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