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Find your Medium, find your Customers.

When creating advertising messages should be couched to suit the desired media. Effective brand communication will demand asking the question, what media will best communicate your message and your core brand value, reaching out to your most specific target audience?

Like a cheating spouse, brands constantly sample different media, when communicating their message, with the guise of “we cant really tell which will stick and how” they forget that getting the right media to convey the advertising message will save them time and avoid waste of resources. Knowing what your brand stands for and the target audience goes a long way in choosing the right media (spouse) that resonates with your consumers.

Not every media works.
In Advertising, an advertiser has a very wide spectrum of media available to him, in the brand communication wheel. But to be effective, an advertiser should know what he intends to achieve with the communication effort. Is it to introduce an idea, reinforce, or even influence? He should know his target audience, based on demographics, psychographics, interest, habits etc. The advertiser needs to be aware of trends and cultural nuances that are loudest at the time, it will form the environment for message encoding and decoding. Furthermore, the advertiser should be able to know what platform his competition are advertising on, what they are saying to their target audience, and how badly or amazing their advertising efforts has become. These questions comprise the FAQ that should drive your choice of media. If you intend to bait young college students to buy fashion pieces, you certainly need a platform where you can reach a vast number of young people, with visual messages. Instagram and Snap Chat are your best bet. Also if you intend to reach elites and late bloomers, getting them to be aware of your offerings, you should consider the local and popular newspaper as well as cable tv channel. Tweets and Youtube may be a bad idea. Using social media for a brand that speaks insurance is like baiting a fish in the sand because social media audience consist of younger people whose major need is amusement and fun and any message on insurance introduces fear which they will avoid. However employing traditional media will surely get to the desired target market.

Still in doubt?
Nike as a brand has been able to create a space for itself on social media with over 900k subscribers on YouTube as at January 2019 and the highest engagement for photos on Instagram, over 29 million followers on Facebook and different social media accounts catering to various geolocations. With this, Nike has resonated in the minds of consumers as a brand that is young, vibrant and edgy. The choice of visual story telling, employed by Nike for its equality campaign found the right consumers which are majorly on social media.

Coca-Cola on the other has been able to utilise the big screens through movies to appeal to their consumers. From Stranger Things, King Kong, The God's must be Crazy, The Karate Kid, Coca-Cola has been able to embrace television as a medium to show the happiness it brings to families and individuals. The brand found It's audience through the medium it chose to communicate the brand value.
These major brands have been able to find their consumers not by licking through every jar of honey but finding the media that works and utilising it to the fullest. So when next you think of the array of media available for use, ask yourself, Is this media for me?


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