Eikon Grae

Welcome to the simple life

What We Are About

We simplify the way new and emerging brands are built and managed. We solve business need for clarity and support new and emerging brands for growth by creating simple and effective business and brand strategy, and communication solutions.

We help you become the business that is easily seen, understood, trusted and patronised.

Grae Services

We help businesses clarify what they are about, who they serve, how they can be different and why the consumer should care. This helps us better create a simple and effective road map for business growth and profit.

With detailed brand strategy and identity development to include brand naming, logo mark development, packaging, office and spaces, we align all actions behaviour and environments of and about your brand across all touch points.

We create simple and efficient communication channels and assets to include voice and message, photo-shoots and video projects, marketing materials, websites and social media platforms and activation, to help communicate your brand offering effectively across digital platforms, tradition media platforms, physical environments.

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