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Rebranding? Just Do It!

Nike's 'Just do it’ campaign, is all the motivation every brand needs to kill the inertia associated with rebranding and embracing change. This starts from taking a step to ask yourself what your brand stands for and where it fits in the world, what the next level is, and the direction the industry is headed. Perfectly answering this question will go a long way to shoot your brand beyond being a passive player in the market to being a massive leader.

Knowing what your brand stands for helps to cope with changing times and makes your brand embrace the changes that come with the world and the ever growing needs of consumers. Embracing and participating in changes may attract criticism is some very negative ways but a brand that is clear about their core essence of being and that only take actions to grow in the direction of their promise will perfectly survive the muddy waters thrown at them because of their decision to evolve.

Many brands before now have faced different criticisms on changes that were made to either a logo that forms part of the brand identity or some extra feature or service added to the brand. However, growing with the changing times as a brand needs a 'tough skin' to withstand all that comes with it. One of the brands that followed Nike's advice and actually 'Did it' was Instagram in May 2016 when it changed it's logo from the instant camera icon to it's present logo.

According to Adweek, 'Critics slammed it as ugly, unimaginative and unnecessary. Some were meaner still— Brian (@lafond66), a twitter user, tweeted that the new logo “looks like Jon Ive threw up and Facebook scooped it out of the toilet bowl.” The New York Times called the response “the Great Instagram Logo Freakout of 2016” and, just for the record, this magazine called the new logo a“travesty.”

Maxwell Barna, a contributor to 'HUFFPOST' said it was like Instagram went to Coachella and found itself. While Hannah Jane Parkinson, a staff at The Guardian, said it looked as if the old camera in the logo was murdered at sundown, and a chalk line was drawn around its body. Today, Instagram still continues to grow bigger with millions sharing photos on the app daily and influencers using the platform to send trends. Irrespective of the changes, the Criticisms and memes didn't have a lasting effect on how the brand was perceived.

As a brand be clear about who you are, who you serve, what is next for you as a brand, take the initiative to evolve along those lines defying your fear of criticism and possible loss of market share.

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