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Advertising: many features, one benefit!

When conversations on product sales are initiated, many people extol product features as the ultimate “reason to buy”, others argue that product benefits trumps desire for new and better features. of course, those fighting for product features are merely grappling to win a lost battle. That is because as humans we are always in needs of opportunities to handle our most important cravings.

Many advertising copies go on about the features of the product or service that they make the consumers look for solace in the competitor's arms that are stretched out with benefits. With many brands, product and services fighting for the consumers attention and with the changing needs of consumers, the best thing to employ for advertising is benefits of the product because the truth is consumers don't care what your product can do, all they care about is what your product or service can do for them.

Many prominent brands around the world have employed this method in various advertisements and campaigns. Apple, One of the biggest brands in the world used the benefits vs. Features method in 2004 for their original iPod campaign, with dancing silhouettes that didn't show how to use the product or what features it had, rather it focused on emphasising the fun attitude of the person using it, making people see the benefit of feeling young, fun and vibrant when using the iPod.

Apple incorporated this style of advertising into another advertisement for the iPad Air where none of the features were mentioned, instead the benefit of creativity was used to convince the consumers that the iPad Air was all they needed to to open doors of creativity.
Still wondering why people can't get enough of anything that is associated with Apple?

So take a step back from features and look into the world of benefits. No one likes a bore so benefits is key. You don't want to know what brand of the air conditioning was used in building the car, is or if the seat coverings are hand crafted, instead, you want to know how fast the car can run and the comfort it brings. Connect features together and find a benefit they offer both tangibly and intangibly that the consumer will really care about, emphasise it and watch your consumers walk straight into your arms.


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